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About Cozy Cafe & Grill

About Cozy Cafe & Grill

Cozy Cafe & Grill has become one of Emerson's most popular dining destinations representing Turkish cuisine. Its unique appeal is a result of a menu selection of authentic, traditional Turkish recipes with contemporary and eclectic influences of Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and even Oriental styles.

Every single item on the menu is prepared in house using only the freshest meats, fish, aromatic vegetables and a distinctive selection of herbs and spices.

Ozturk’s fascination with the cuisine and experience stems from his father, one of the most highly regarded chefs in Ozturk’s birthplace, Trabzon, Turkey. It was there that his father developed a passion for the region’s culinary offerings, particularly its distinctive mezes and kebabs and where Ozturk first began his dream of the perfect restaurant.

But, Ozturk’s vision of the perfect restaurant has extended far beyond the actual menu. The atmosphere and dcor play just as important of a part as the food he cooks; therefore, he wanted to provide a feeling of warmth and hospitality. A highly-trained and dedicated wait staff is another key to perfection, especially in providing diners with professional service and personal attention.

Cozy Cafe & Grill is ultimately your place for the classical Turkish tradition of hospitality and delicacies with a new world twist.